Rantings of a Lunatic  

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What the hell am I supposed to do with you now? Look at yourself, all curled up in the darkness. You're a complete mess. Were you thinking I wouldn't notice? I know you better than anyone else. Even better than you think.

So what, are you just gonna clam up and do nothing? She has something that belongs to you, damn it! Are you just gonna lie down and let her get away with that? Oh, so you gave it to her!? What the fuck were you thinking!? Why the hell did you give her your heart?

You're better than this. No? That's what you always tell yourself, and look at where that mentality brought you. Tell me, has it ever done you any good? Some idiots never learn you know.

Get up. Get rid of the vodka and wash the hell up. You reek. You look like a filthy hobo. Do you think she's just gonna hand it back to you because of pity? You really are pathetic.

Take it back. Go to her and take the damn thing back. Why not? It ain't hers, she doesn't even want it. Can't you see that? You're more of a loser than I thought.

Just look at her. Holding your heart out to you. Teasing you. Tempting you. Waiting for you to try and take it back so she can hurt you even more by pulling her hand back as soon as you try to reach out.

It's time you start getting a life moron. Hey, I said get a life, not take one. Let go of the fucking knife!

What? You look at me with that knife in your hand as if you had the guts to do anything. You were never worth anything, genius. Why do you think everybody keeps laughing at you? You think you're smart? You think they like you? You're nothing! You are obscurity personified.

You're hopeless. Get out of my head.


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