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I think this picture best exemplifies how much I hate Valentine's day.

Try as I might I can't deny the fact that this day always reminds me of how alone and miserable I've been these past few years. I mean, I go out on this day and all I see are mushy couples holding hands, or any other part of their anatomy for that matter. Why can't everybody just stay the hell away from me and make out somewhere else? For chris'sake get a gawd-damn room, I say to the lovestruck.

But this time though it wasn't so bad. I got to spend this year's hearts' day with
her. We didn't go out on a date, we just ate out. I went out to buy memory for my PC and she just went to the mall with me. She knows about how I feel for her and I know how she constantly tries not to break my heart too badly. It's like everything I've ever wanted, but couldn't have. Oh well.

So we ate, and while we were there I couldn't help but stare at her. I tried not to by just stabbing at the salad so as not to creep her out. I felt so happy inside that I was lost for words. So lost that I think she got bored. But we did talk about a few things, like family and stuff. It was great. After eating I thought about asking her to go see a movie with me, but I figured it was Valentine's Day, and we weren't on a date.

Then there was this half-second again where our eyes met, and it felt like time stood still. Or I wish it did. I wish I could capture that moment when she looked at me and never let it go.

But now it's time to go back to living reality. And I still hate Valentine's day.


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