Angels and Bullets  

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I had been successful at concealing bullet blogs underneath some of my recent posts, but I think this one won't be so inconspicuous.

This whole post will be riddled with bullets. Not those stupid dots that you usually see, but invisible, intangible ones that only seem to make sense to me.

Lio hates these what-i-did-today kind of posts. I know, one less reader right? Who's gonna read this now? Seriously Lio, come back.

Anyway, coming to work still feels weird and sickening. Like I really care if your Internet connection's ridiculously slow or is as intermittent as my chain of thought, right? That's not my problem. But it's my job to fix it so shut the fuck up and do as I say.

Man I wish I could really say that.

An angel sat next to me at work today. I think her name was Arianne, or something. Yeah, I'm stalking her now. I'm a real ladies' man.

I miss my phone. The voice in my head won't shut up about it.

Lightning hit our street last night. Yes, the street. It was raining. Our neighbors, a bunch of half-naked bozos drinking on the street while betting on horses actually saw the lightning bolt hit the wet concrete. Everybody heard the loud crack when electricity met water. Too bad it didn't hit any of them drunk geezers. That would've been something.

I'm starting to think I might have some real anger management issues. I get so cranky when I'm hungry (still struggling with the diet), or when I don't get enough shuteye. Sometimes I feel like I want to hit someone. It's a scary thought.

I've been downloading like a horny teenager does with porn, except that I'm not a teenager and I wasn't downloading porn. This week I saw new episodes of Heroes, The Big Bang Theory, Ben 10, Smallville and Bones. I also saw the new Star Trek movie and I kept thinking Spock was gonna cut somebody's head open. Oh, and I also laughed my guts out while watching Ice Age 3. A typical week in the life of a pirate.

Mom's been badgering me all week about a loan that she says I should make. I'll probably give in to what she wants before month's end. After all, I'm filthy rich and I'll be able to pay back any debt all by myself. Yeah right.

Did I say this post was gonna be riddled with bullets? I forgot to say it will also be smothered in sarcasm.

I really should start blogging more about the happy stuff. Then again, where's the fun in that?

"Oh crap."


Geez! and my mom thought I'm crazy for downloding those Ben Ten episodes!

anger management issues? nah! that's perfectly normal. I also get cranky when I haven't had my usual intake of rice...and I really go mad when I don't get enough sleep

Yeah, Ben 10 rocks, right? I've got seasons 1 and 2 and right now me and my nephew's following season 3. Too bad nick didn't make a season 4 for Avatar.

I know how crankiness relates to hunger and lack of sleep, but lately I think I've been angry about random things. Oh well, I guess it's ok as long as I don't kill anyone. :D

i have a feeling the payout for 13th month has just guzzled on all the call whores' throats.

how's call whoring life doing, dude?

i'll be back in november. i think. haha.

and yeah, at least you spared me the actual bullets.

no guzzling yet...

same old routine. lagi pa rin ako absent. i might resign soon for health reasons.

see you when you get back bro.

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