A Phenomenologik Goodbye  

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Is this the beginning of the end?

Today my phenomenologik friend submitted her resignation. Part of me feels sad to hear about her impending exodus, but another part of me envies her for being so close to freedom. She's been like a more responsible little sister to me and I can't help feeling mixed emotions. Oh well.

I've been on hiatus for a few weeks and for me that was as close to freedom as I could ever ask for. When I came back, things seemed very different - and not in a good way. Oh it's still the same old vicious cyclic routine work-wise, but it's a completely different story when it comes to the people I work with. I feel like I hardly know them. I feel more alone than ever.

Forgive me, I know this is more of a "dear diary" kind of thing rather than a blog post but I can't help it. I've had nobody to talk to recently, so again I resort to splashing my thoughts around in front of a faceless crowd.

I miss the old days. I miss the old people I hang with. I miss all the parties, the gigs. I miss my youth. I miss not having to worry about consequences. I miss the old me.

I really hope the next life's better than this one.


hey...you okay?

...naisin ko mang magbigay ng makabagbag-damdaming comment, e hinde ko magawa...hinde pa kasi tayo uber-close bukod sa manaka-nakang pagre-refill mo ng kung anik-anik sa Street Racer sa FaceBook ko ahihihihi

....seriously, minsan nagaganyan din ako...sakit ata yan ng mga 25 years old and above...parte ng quarterlife crisis

haha, ok lang ako. natawa naman ako sa facebook inference. yeah maybe you're right, baka QLC lang to. so sad lang kasi malayo pa talaga ako sa edad 25... lolz.

thanks for the comment. :)


try to open up a little bit more beanskie. personally speaking, i can sometimes feel that you're fencing yourself in to keep us out. chillax, we're not Lio or Rap but we hope we can still put a smile on your face, ne?

you can keep saying you miss everything in your life but you haven't totally lost them, have you? so there's still a chance to, somehow, get things back together. =)

thanks essie.

i dunno what to say. sometimes i feel like i just don't fit in. don't get me wrong, i like everybody and i respect every one of you, its just that most of the time we don't have the same interests. i'm the proverbial black sheep. i'm not really into the rnb and anime stuff, and im a stickler for old habits. but i do try to open up.


anakngtitengmaugat yan. nag-comment na ko rito ah. bat di pumasok? tsk.

comment ule...

anong reason ni rai? going full-time reviewee rin ba? or more personal reason?

hmmm...mukang paunti na nang paunti ang team poonam. lapit na ko bumalik jan bro. baka last week of october siguro. abot pa ko sa oktoberfest. kampay na! hehe.

di ko talaga nakita yung comment mo parekoi. di naman ako gumagamit ng disqus... lolz.

di naman nauubos ang mga poonamites, may new blood na pumasok. saka ni-retract na pala ni rai resignation niya. i mean pinostpone pala. hehe.

looking forward to the 'fest pre. see yah when you get back. cheers!

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