Trick or Treat! Halloween Costumes!  

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Before we jump into the Yuletide festivities and welcome jolly old Saint Nick back as he plummets through the chimney, let's talk about costumes - Halloween costumes. I've compiled a few of my choice picks, but I promise you'll never see me wearing any of them. Besides, if I did, you wouldn't know anyway.

So here are a few Halloween costume suggestions.

Pyramid Head - He's the dude from Silent Hill. A lot of the other monsters in the film look a helluva lot scarier than this guy but his get-up's much easier to reproduce. All you need is a cardboard pyramid over your head, a huge fake cleaver and some abs. That's my friend Daryl at our company's Halloween party two years ago. Or I think it was him. Yeah I'm pretty sure it was him.

Kratos - The war deity from the game God of War. He's still an easy make as all you need is some red body paint and a gaudy pair of medieval pants. Throw in some chains and fake weapons and you've really got something. Oh, and you're supposed to scowl a lot too. Abs, as shown in the photo, can apparently be optional.

Michael Jackson - I know, right? The King of Pop's popularity continues post mortem. I wouldn't make him my first choice, but I have a feeling you're gonna see Jackos everywhere soon. His look requires less prepping because you can practically buy the suit just about everywhere. Just don't forget to grab your crotch as often as you can when you're in character.

Dick - I honestly don't know who this guy is but I bet at least one of those things is real. If you're going to a costume party wearing this, stay away from the guy wearing the Michael Jackson outfit. And bring around seventy condoms just in case you get lucky with the girl in the Tifa Lockheart costume.

So, there you have 'em. Have fun this Halloween! I just want to get it over with so we can move on to Christmas, and presents. Presents! Yey!


Yay! I like the dick man. haha!

it is when we appreciate life that we begin to see things in another light. thanks, binchee. :D

o yeah o yeah, am a potter geek!

haha. coolcanadian is really good. i don't know if he is filipino or something else. :D but in anyways, i thanks him HAHA!

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