The War Within  

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What now?

I am among the many of us who live a life of indecision . If life was a glass of water, some would see that it was half-filled while some would think of it as half-empty. I'd see it as just a plain old glass of water. I straddle the fence, I shilly-shally, and I keep delaying the inevitable. I keep denying the impending. I refuse to accept that I have to make something of my life, and soon.

Whether my life will be half-empty or half-full, I do not know yet.

As a believer of science I have made it a habit to observe keenly and study my options before making any conclusions. Facts don't lie, I say. Then again, as a believer in God I accept that sometimes you just simply have to take a leap of faith.

I'm just having a hard time making that leap right now.

Until then, I wallow in the pits of uncertainty. I struggle to live a borrowed existence pretending that it's mine. What I make of it is undetermined. What happens next is a surprise.

The battle rages on inside my head. This war has been going on for ages, and neither side has gained a clear advantage. It's sense versus desire, religion versus science, good versus evil; and this accursed pay-per-view has already had so many reruns in my day.

I just hope that when things start making sense around here I'd still be able to breathe.


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