Where I'm from, Everyone's a Hero  

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This is so true.

I'm not just talking about those who risked their lives during the Ondoy holocaust. No, I'm talking about every Filipino who strives towards a better Philippines each and every day. Doctors who heal the sick, teachers who mold our youth, engineers who literally build a better Philippines - in my mind, everyone is a hero.

Of course, I would've also made my own design that says "Where I'm from, every politician is a crook.".

Just kidding. Maybe.

note: Design credit goes to Mark Gosingtian. I really love that shirt.


the dad issues. nyahaha!
well, we're much better that before, i must tell you. :D

i love the quote. may nakita akong shirt. bibili ako. ehe.

yeah i love the shirt. i was thinking about getting one myself. i hope it comes in XXL size. lolz.

nyahahaha! tangina. panalo ung politician shit. muzta ang buhay kolboy parekoi? pa-shot ka naman. lololol!

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