Firefly Day  

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Now who would've thought I'd be writing about this?

Yup, I was there. Well, there but not really there. I was at the SM Megamall yesterday with some of my team mates to see Cosplay Mania '09. Too bad I had to go before we could get inside the Megatrade Hall 2, but at least I still got to see all those people in costumes. Now despite my Chinese slash Japanese appearance, I'm no authority when it comes to anime and manga. I'm not a real big fan, you see. I'm just big, period. The real anime buff here is Firefly, and I wouldn't be surprised to see if she comes out with a more detailed blog post about Cosplay Mania '09 than this one soon.

It was amazing to see how everybody seemed to have put in so much time and effort on their costumes. From the gaudy to the ridiculous, everybody was strutting their stuff dressed as some anime cartoon or comic book character. Some were pretty off, but there were also those who really looked like the real thing. It was like seeing these characters come to life. I must admit though, I was a little mean to those who looked funny in their costumes. But I soon learned to keep my mouth shut when I saw Darth Vader staring me down while brandishing his lightsaber. I wouldn't want to cross paths with that dude when he's angry.

The girls were awesome too. I just couldn't help noticing how their striped socks were longer than their school-girl skirts. I wish all the girls would dress like that. On second thought...maybe not all of girls...

Okay my mind drifted there for a sec. Oh, and you should've seen the kids, some had little geisha dresses and some had monkey tails. Kids are always adorable; too bad not all of them stay that way until adulthood.

Well that's probably as much as I can possibly say, seeing as I did leave the event early. Maybe next year I'd come back dressed as Big Bert from Voltes V. Or then again, maybe not.

Firefly, hiding from Team Rocket


Big Bert of Voltes V hahahaha.... That one is a good stuff. On a second thought, having that kind of appearance in Cosplay requires a haircut, right? Would you dare to do it? I bet not. =) peace out bro! See ya on Sunday.

@wacky: Nah, not my hair. Hehe. See yah on Sunday!!

andun ba si L. Lawliet?

wala? hmmkei. kasi nagbabakasyon siya ng isang buwan dito eh. haha!

@lio: akshuli, yung pic sa bottem left ndun ata cya, yung naka white na nagta-thumbsuck hehe. so kung ndun cya, at njan ka, sino ang tunay na baliw? hehe.

Actually, Team Rocket saw me but I was cosplaying Essie so they didn't notice. lol. xD

I'm really sorry missing to tell you that entrance fee part.. -_-;

.. and you'll be better as Choji from Naruto..

peaceeee! ^______^ v

@ Lio Loco
- dream on lio.. :p kinikilig nga si Lesa dahil may solo pic sila ni L, kahit di niya siya kilala.. O_o

@essie-hime: I didn't know there was a cartoon character named Essie hehe. Nah, the entrance fee wasn't the problem. I just really had to be somewhere later that day, and I wanted to get some shut-eye. Choji, huh?

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