Fresh Vegetables and Napalm  

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Yes. Napalm.

I swear this had to be one of the wildest gustatory sensations my tongue has ever had in years. I was eating lumpiang ubod (sauteed wrapped vegetables) earlier today when I felt my mouth was on fire. It wasn't the usual spicy chili pepper burn that you get when you eat red pepper, it felt more like gargling acid. The burn was in my mouth. I then realized the lumpia was spiked with loads of chopped raw garlic. Now I usually love garlic, even raw garlic, but not in these combustively volatile amounts. I thought it had burned a hole through my tongue. Talk about a chemical burn. It just had be right up there with military-grade napalm and C4.


*Note: Photo is from, and was not the actual combustive delicacy I had consumed earlier.


muka namang masarap. hehe!

what's with the vintage wooden sofa? haha!

at kelan ka akyat dito? hindi ko lang alam kung masasamahan kita. wala akong pang-nomofest. waaah! hirap ng walang trabaho! haha!

i'm likewise planning to go down para magpaka-nognog sa probinsiya ng mama ko. bitches, er...beaches pala. hehe!

chair pala. kala ko mahabang sofa. dalawang silya lang pala. huhlolz!

the background's part of my feeble attempts at photography.

nomo-fest pa rin! cheers to bumhood!

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