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Yeah so I wanted Oktoberfest early, so what?

What a way to start the new month. I ushered September in while lying on my back throbbing with my highest body temperature ever recorded. It wasn't exactly how I would like to define "hot in bed". I had to miss two days of work because of the flu, as if I won't be missing enough workdays already. I'm serving out two of my three-day suspension this week. Ironically, they suspended me - forcing me to not go to work - because of absenteeism. It's like winning a box of pizza in a pizza-eating contest. What a riot. It's like serving detention in the forest with Hagrid.

Just before I got sick, as stated in my earlier post I went to Batangas with some of my old college buddies. We went to this far-flung little haven in Laiya located deep in San Juan, Batangas, called Sabangan. I wanted to show you guys the good times we had there but unfortunately I don't own the camera that took all our photos. I'll post another... er, post, when they come around to uploading them. Maybe I'll do another bullet.

Last night I saw an old flame of mine and boy was she smokin' - figuratively and literally. She's one of those topics that I would usually just skirt over, but I decided to put a little more detail in this time. Her name is

Nah, I won't name her just yet. But here's the etchy part: she works as a bar girl. You know, the girl you pay to sit at a table with you while you chug away bottles of booze. You can even throw in some videoke while you unscrupulously let your hands crawl in places your mother would never had taught you to put them in.

Yeah, she's that kind of girl. Our mothers warned us about her.

The conundrum is, I think I'm crazy enough to be serious about her. Don't worry, I'm still thinkin'. I've had enough trouble with women to last me a lifetime. So I'm not adding to my list of hastily-made decisions just yet.

Thing is, she found another job as an inventory clerk at some factory in Alabang and she's slowly quitting the bar girl business. She said she gets slightly more than minimum wage, a lot lower than what she gets from the club every night, but its decent money. I for one sincerely hopes that she makes a turnaround. Well I'm one to talk.

I'll talk about another more personal taboo when I feel its safe to tweak.

I'll also talk more about Noynoy Aquino in a later post. For now, I want to see how the story unfolds. He has my vote though. I just don't feel like trashing any senators or former presidents this morning.

Whatever happens, September sure seems like a heck of a way to start 2009's send-off party. I can't wait to see what happens in the next few months. I sure hope I still have my job though. Cheers!

*note: There really is such a thing called Septemberfest, I didn't make that up.


septemberfest, octoberfest...heck, what's the difference? for a booze drinker, every month's a fest. haha!

and this bar girl, is she the woman who i think she is? the one you've been dropping hints at becoming serious with? nice. nothing beats a spur of love these days. ha!

and the suspension, yeah, well what could i say? gallivanting days gone extended? only prob is, the pay will hurt. it seems the call center demigods are becoming stricter by the minute. good thing i'm outta there. haha.

see you around bro. oh and yeah, that "facebook me" pic? is that your new do? what happened to your wicked locks?

Ooh i cringe and shudder at the "L" word. Yup. Her.

Yeah i'll definitely feel the pinch in my wallet. That pic on facebook? Nah, that's still the same bush over my head, just tied back in that photo which by the way shows me displaying my unmatched talent at fingering the violin. Fingering, haha!

well, at least you can say that you can be hot in bed hehehehe

...ok corny much! not used to commenting in English....nag-nose bleed ako nung basahin ko comments nyo ni Lio

hehe sori naman. i'm still working on how to start my all tagalog post hehe.

mas nosebleed ang vocabulary ni lio haha. i tilt my head up and pinch my nose when i read his english posts.

tnx for dropping by rhon!

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