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So Senator Noynoy made his announcement. He came out to the waiting press and proclaimed:

"I solemnly swear I am up to no good."

Sorry, I was reading The Daily Prophet and not The Philippine Star. What he really said was:

"I accept the call of the people."

It was so aptly said. Weeks prior to his announcement the idea came about of Senator Noy running for the highest seat in government. Pleas of "Noynoy for President" spread far and wide, because the people were sorely looking for change. With his candidacy, the people now have hope. With the elections still a few months away in 2010, Senator Noynoy's political machinery barely has enough time to mount a full campaign.

Unlike his mother though, Senator Noynoy actually has more time to prepare for the elections. That can work for and against him. I'm sure his detractors can see an opportunity here, as they have a few more months to ruin the good senator's credibility before the people cast their ballots. That much can be expected. After all, we are in the Philippines.

And how does the proposed computerized voting system affect 2010's results? That remains to be seen.

I'm curious to see how the race to MalacaƱang unfolds. As previously mentioned, D-Day is still a few months away. We might still see a certain former president turn his Arthro commercial into a prophecy. There are talks of he-who-must-not-be-elected making another go at the presidency. Talk about greedy.

That's all for now. Too much politics can be dangerous to one's health.

Mischief managed.


I solemnly swear that upro no good. oh yeah, the marauders' mantra! haha.

yeah, with noynoy heeding the call of the people, i guess the sun finds it way to dawn on us again. well, yellow is the new color of bravery and love. i can just wish him luck.

thanks for reading my ranting post. am sorry nga pala sa naging sitwasyon mo with your dad. i know this will pass. i'll learn from you big guys. :D

mapagpalayang araw!

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