Oh Nine! Oh Nine! Oh Nine!  

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Today is a day of nine's: September 9, 2009. In short, 09/09/09. So, in commemoration of this rather interesting but utterly useless fact, I would like to make a rundown of some of the things that I miss the most.
  • I miss the days when I wasn't sogging wet down to my underpants. Lately, the weather has been literally raining on my parade. Not to mention my shorts, my socks, my hair, and my lit cigarette too.

  • I miss my TV shows. The good news is that its September, and I'd soon be seeing Leonard and Penny (The Big Bang Theory) and Claire Bennet (Heroes) again. Both series start their new seasons on Monday, September 21st.
  • I miss Dad. I would've put him at the top of this list but I know he wouldn't want me going too sentimental on account of him.
  • I miss reading. After the Harry Potter series was over, I felt like everybody left Hogwarts and I was stuck there with Peeves and Sir Cadogan. I dare not touch Twilight. I'd rather wait for Dan Brown's new novel, The Lost Symbol. It will also be coming out in bookstores this month.
  • I miss being a kid again. Being a child at heart really has no significantly positive effect on one's physical well-being whatsoever. I just want to live without thinking about consequences again.
  • I miss being in love. Holy crap, what's this doing here!??
  • I miss sushi. Okay, now I'm really hungry.
  • I miss playing in a band. Oh God I really do.
  • I miss my high school allowance. Wasn't it great when you didn't have to work your butt off to get money?
  • I miss my old clothes. Especially those pants that had a smaller waist line.

I decided to keep the list as it is, without edits, so it's random and not based on importance or how badly I miss them. Okay fine, this is another bullet blog, though this time with bullets. Sue me. So many thoughts, so little time. This stupid new work schedule's a bitch, you know. Oh and by the way, if you're in the US please follow this friendly advice:

Reboot your fucking modem before you make that goddamn call! Morons!

There, I feel so much better.


natawa naman ako dun sa advice mo...

strange but I've also been thinking about writing a post on the things I miss...The World Tonight, late night tambay at Glorietta sidewalks with my friends, etc.

...hmmmkei, makagawa ng ganitong post

....oh, and I'm also waiting for the new season of The Big Bang Theory

mamaya na ko magcocomment ng matino, or the lack of it. haha!

baka malate na naman ako. basag ule sa tl. would you believe i've been coming to work late for the last four days?

haha. the last-week exit syndrome.

sige bro. ligo na ko. have to make a good impression. last day.

oh yeah, 090909 is a day before my last day in the effin' call center life. haha!

ei! you missed Noynoy's declaration hehehe...that's different I know. Now I'm thinking what do I miss...hhhmmm..yeah I miss playing with the band, being up late at night just for practice with some bottle of liquor..geezzz..!!! I may not be contented nor happy with the way my life has been turning now but guess what, I love it! =)

@Rhon: so you're a BBT fan too? don't you just love leonard and penny? hehe. sheldon's still the heart of the show though.

@Lio: oi pre, musta naman ang unang araw ng paglaya mo? let's have a few cold ones!

@wacky: anong na-miss? i heard noynoy say "i accept the people's call"! ayun. jamming tayo nila eman ulit minsan, relive the glory days!!!

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