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Once again, I am writing about me and all the mundaneity that comes with being me. I suppose that's what personal blogs are for anyway, so quit your yapping and just read.

I tried my hand again at song writing after a really long while. I figured since my schedule's pretty much wide open right now I might as well do something to keep the old noodle working. As it turns out, I make a pretty good lyricist if I say so myself. I was with a buddy of mine last night, and I was helping him write a song for this new band that they were forming. Nah, my band days are over. Way over.

Anyway, I wrote some lyrics and he laced them with chords on his guitar. We only made it up to the first verse and the chorus because the booze started to kick in. I just hope the song makes it on to their planned album, if they get around to recording. Me, the lyricist. Wouldn't that be awesome?

I noticed there wasn't enough sh*t happening in my life lately, so my blogging has been dead in the water. So as much as it pains me to write about me, myself and I over and over again, here I am. I am slowly learning that sneezing on command is easier than finding the inspiration to write. And it's really hard to sneeze at will.

I know you're trying to sneeze right now but you can't. See?

I'm preparing myself mentally for something I'll have to painstakingly endure for one entire night - my high school reunion. I know I'll be hearing plenty of gasps and comments that talk about me being left in the kitchen too long. While I'm looking forward to seeing old faces, friends whom I haven't seen in nearly 15 years, I'm not exactly looking forward to seeing the look on their faces when they see me.

I can't wait to get the reunion over and done with. Maybe then I'll get enough sh*t to write about.

Oh and wish me luck, readers. Yes, all 5 or 6 of you. I'll be working full time soon, and I sure hope things work out. I really want to stay out of the call center business if I can avoid it. I just want to keep writing and learning until I can't write or learn anymore.

Or maybe just until I find out I'm related to Bill Gates or something.


You just to believe in yourself that you are a good lyricist and you will be...
Natawa naman ako dun sa comment about you being left in the kitchen! hahaha..parehas na lang tayo brad..i don't know if it's applicable but I just tell them, "DI BALE NG MATABA, AT LEAST DI NAMAN HIPON" I bet you know what I mean buddy!!!

it turns out the reunion wasn't as bad as i thought. i actually had fun.

oo nga pre, wag lang maging hipon! haha.

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