Try Not to Die of Heat Stroke. Seriously.  

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Seriously, what is up with this hot weather?

Summer in the Philippines used to be more about beach balls and halo-halo. Now it's like sunblock and SPF and UV rays. Man, we really did a number on the ozone layer, didn't we?

With heat like this heat strokes are a very real possibility. With temperatures threatening to scorch up to 37 degrees Celsius, anybody left out in the sun for too long can really get his noodle cooked. Even if you're Japanese.

The trick to beating this kind of sweltering heat is to take plenty of liquids, and hide your elderly. Grandpa wouldn't last very long under the sun in this kind of heat. He's already turning out to be a real prune all by himself, he doesn't need the hot summer sun to cook him up. But really, rehydrate. The heat forces our body to sweat a lot more than normal, if that's even possible, so keep refilling your body's liquid supply. Don't go out at noon if it can be avoided. Try to wear light-colored clothing, as dark shirts tend to absorb sunlight instead of reflecting it.

And as if I could stress it enough - rehydrate! It doesn't have to be some fancy new-fangled energy drink concoction, plain old water will do just fine. And hey, it doesn't hurt to have ice cream or halo-halo. And for cryin' out loud, there is no law against taking multiple baths in a day! Really, there isn't. So hit the showers as often as you want, in order to cool down a bit. Personally, I wouldn't hit the beach in this heat, even though a road trip really does sound nice.

I can't wait for the rains to come in. Then we would be talking about floods and malaria and loose bowel movement. Classy.


exactly. ang sobrang inet abot hanggang singet!

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