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For months now I had been avoiding the subject of politics and the 2010 Philippine elections in my posts and even in my conversations with friends. I feel that the topic only highlights everyone's differences in opinion, which is something that easily ignites feuds and arguments. Sure, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but there are those who simply feel that only theirs matter. If your opinion goes against theirs then you are wrong. Sadly, I know many very intelligent people who are like this, and simply refuse to respect other people's points of view.

So I chose to be silent about my opinions on the 2010 elections, not because I am ashamed of who I'm rooting for. Every one of the presidential candidates had their own reasons for being on the ballot, but the candidate whose egg-shaped circle I shaded out was a candidate chosen out of sentiment. Let's face it, all of the intellectual choices for the top spot in the Philippine electoral system had repeatedly failed to bring economic prosperity. More importantly, the "intelligent choice" had constantly failed miserably in the fight against corruption. So I went with my guts this time.

Now that voting is almost over, everybody's abuzz with anticipation. Everybody wants to know who the star of the circus that is the Philippine government will be. Personally, I ain't holding by breath. After the votes are electronically counted, and after all the victims of election-related violence have been accounted for, will we actually see change? Or will we walk down the same dirt road we've been trudging on for almost three decades now? Will our ball and chain known as poverty and corruption in the government be as indelible and hard to get rid of as the ink on my finger right now?

We can only hope.


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