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Sometimes living in the past can be a real bummer.

I ran into Noel, an old friend who I knew way back, and because these days the term "running into" can mean finding someone on the Internet, we chatted about the good old days. We were co-workers at one of the leading video stores in the 90s. Yeah I know, video rentals died when piracy was born. But back then I had what was arguably the best job ever.

I mean, we were getting paid just to stand around and dust off old laser discs and VHS tapes. Back then money had real value, I had a more aesthetically pleasant figure, and I was working with friends who smoked and partied with me nearly every effin' day of the week. No kidding man, it was like "Hey wanna go out and party?", and I was all "Oh yeah sure let's go!". Life was just so much easier back then.

So running (virtually) into Noel brought back old memories about that part of my life. Then I think about today and I felt pretty bad about how I turned out. Back in those days my life was the ultimate party. The nights, the sounds, the women - my life back then was nothing short of a really good orgasm. But all that's in the past, like dust swept and shoved under the carpet. Today I'm a single grown man living with his mother (which in the Philippines isn't so bad), living off a meager call center wager (which I do not have right now), watching in the sidelines as the people who I grew up with fly off to different countries all over the world, or talk about their latest gadgets or business ventures on Facebook.

I'm still a nobody.

This is the point in one's life where you simply have to kick back and look at where you're standing, and decide on what you want to do next. I dunno about you guys, but I know what I want to do.

I want to party!
Life really ought to be the ultimate party.


omy. parteh! :D

ako man, napapadalas ang bar hopping ko. good times. teehee.

don't measure yourself with others' scale. viva la vie boheim.

thanks yas. i like what you said about measuring yourself with other people's scales. good weight analogy.

magpapainum daw si Lio sa katapusan! :D

oo nga eh! putangena non, nakapasa na nga sa board eh! op yeah, i am smelling beers and bloggers! update me :D

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