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No, this is not a review of the movie that was about liberating a killer whale that flopped in the cinemas with its flippers. This post is about Willie Revillame. Now I know what you're thinking (Willie who!?), but I was asked by a good friend of mine to write about my thoughts on the whole Willie-Revillame-threatening-to-resign-if-Jobert-Sucaldito-is-not-fired brouhaha.

Willie Revillame is an actor slash noontime show host slash complete idiot here in the Philippines. I obviously am not a fan of his; never has been and never will be. That doesn't mean I'm on Sucaldito's side, though. Jobert Sucaldito is a local celebrity news reporter slash radio show host slash newspaper columnist slash mother of all gay pride parade participants. I could honestly care less if these two media personalities go at it. Fight, I mean. You malicious pervert.

But word about Revillame vs. Sucaldito has been in the news lately for as often as I could stand it. I even see quips from both supporters and condemners on Twitter and Facebook. So when my good buddy Jao asked me to write about this heated rivalry, I reluctantly obliged. It's not like there were more important things on the news these days anyway, such as the Philippine 2010 election results or GMA's questionable last minute cabinet appointment. Duh.

Anyway, according to Revillame, Sucaldito had been continuously attacking him verbally on his radio show and in the newspapers. Revillame said this assault on him and his noontime show Wowowee had been going on for years, but he never paid any attention to it. But recently, Sucaldito apparently hit a nerve when he started lambasting Wowowee contestants and their below-average high school report cards. He succinctly pointed out that the show should not have featured students with such low grades. For Revillame, that was the last straw, or so he says.

Anyway, the exchange of words went on for weeks culminating in Revillame taking a leave of absence from Wowowee. Again, I didn't care. But many did, and soon everybody had their own opinions and reactions to Revillame's stunning (not to me it wasn't) announcement on his show that he will supposedly resign if Sucaldito is not fired by the TV network, ABS-CBN. Do me a favor Willie and stay out of television for good.

Days later, perhaps devoured by remorse upon realizing the embarrassment that this utterly ridiculous word war has been bringing to the network, or perhaps seeing a wide open opportunity to garner more publicity, Revillame sent a letter to ABS-CBN management asking them to rescind his contract. The network remains mum about Revillame's plea as of this writing, but I'm sure they're also benefiting from all the attention this drama has brought to the network.

If you ask me, the whole thing's starting to have a Pacquiao fight feel to it. If only I cared enough to give a sh*t.

This is the most I've done to write about something I could care less about.


Thanks for making this one for me buddy. To be honest with you, I'm not really a big fan of this show well perhaps their dancers but not Willie. It's just that with all the reactions I see in facebook, it concerns me now that a certain fellow Filipino has this kind of attitude? if you can call it one. What kind of creature are you challenging your own creator? To hell with that Willie. You're not yet the big boss of CH.2 yet you are giving commands to throw out a person who's also doing his JOB, what the hell is wrong with you? I'll have this posted to the fan page of OUST WILLIE REVILLAME so they may also see that is also an input outside Facebook network.

whatever floats you boat buddy. that is the politics of showbiz. some say the reason willie's so confident is because he is being backed by money villar.

politics and showbiz? i just nonchalantly shrug my shoulders with disinterest.

gusto kong kumanta ng 'such a bog ego... la la la' haha.

ewan ko ba kay willie, anlaki ng tiwala sa sarili.

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