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Since I can't think of a meaningful and interesting story to write about tonight, I'm posting another one of my infamous bullet blogs. What's a bullet blog? Beats me. That's just a term I coined for blog posts that border incoherence because I talk about different topics at once. It's like a list of things on my mind - without the actual bullet points.

So I got sick a lot of times this month. Heck. For a fat dude, I sure ain't healthy.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I gave up on an obsession - for now, at least. Now I'll practice my evil grin.

I also found out the hard way that Binangonan, Rizal is a very far place. But it was well worth the trip. What kind of mess have I gotten myself into now. I'll probably talk about this and my other misadventures in a future post. Hush-hush for now.

This year marks my 30th birthday. Yes folks, thirty. No I'm not lying. Lying to you guys would be like lying to a mollusk - it's pointless. I wish the cliche said life begins at 30 and not 40. I don't think I can wait ten more years.

I'm not happy with this post at all, but I got to keep my brain working somehow. I'm gonna hit the hay now. I have to wake up early for that thing I dread the most - work.

Good night!


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